NanoCon #5

A security vaccine for healthcare.
How to protect sensitive data?

By our guest speaker Karina Chichifoi - Digital ambassador of
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22 September, 2021
START AT 2.00 PM MESZ / Zurich / Amsterdam / Berlin
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Our Guest Speaker
Karina is a digital ambassador of and winner of worldwide cybersecurity contest ShaktiCTF. She is an MSc student in computer engineering at the University of Bologna.

Karina Chichifoi
Software Engineer and cybersecurity enthusiast
Karina's research interests embrace the topics of data automatization, web&network security, unifying AI, and cybersecurity. Being a Master Student in Computer Engineering at the University of Bologna, she is developing skills that allow dealing successfully with a wide range of cybersecurity tasks and issues caused by external and internal factors. Together with her teammate, they detected and fixed vulnerabilities in one of the regional hospitals' systems of Italy (AUSL Emilia-Romagna), preventing possible data ransomware. Having a strong interest in AI and network security, Karina aims to ensure a highly trustable digital environment powered by AI.
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June, 17th / Thursday
14:00 –14:05
14:05 – 14:15
About Origami Lab, Introduction to the topic
14:15 – 14:55
A security vaccine for hospitals: how to protect sensitive data
Talk by Karina Chichifoi
14:55 – 15:05
Discussion and Q&A
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